Pre-Loved vs Vintage

Pre-Loved is a status given to items that are under 20 years old. Vintage is a status given to items that are over 20 years old. Any items known to be new or unworn will have a designation depicting this. NWT (new with tags) or NWOT (new without tags) will be stated within the listing.

Garment Gender Identification

Yes, there are "Men's" items in the shop, yes, there are "Women's" items in the shop. However, I'd much prefer to use a more forward thinking mentality and consider all item's in the shop as "Unisex". If you like the way it looks, if it fits you- buy it, wear it, love it! That's all that matters here in this space. If for any reason you genuinely need to know the gender origin of the item, send a message via the contact form and this can be confirmed. 

Product Expectations 

Like all items that have gone through the hands of another, there are occasionally minor flaws and imperfections. As a client, it is expected that you have a solid understanding of quality expectations surrounding the circumstance. I try not to bring in products with any level damage, if there are notable issues with the quality, it will be listed alongside the product details. If you have any concerns surrounding this topic, send a message via the contact form. 


Garment sizing industry standards don't exist. Each brand/company defines for themselves what body type their product will be geared towards from a fit perspective. With this in mind, since there are many different brands in the shop- use the listed size as a guideline, but use the provided measurements to determine if it is the fit you want or need. The female mannequin used in the photos will occasionally require the garment to be pinned to show the intended fit- the mannequin should not be how you define the garment size- just the provided measurements. I recommend you find a similar garment you already own to compare to the listed measurements for each individual product.

Return Policy

All purchases are final sale. With this policy in place, it is expected that you will inform yourself of all shop policies and make any necessary inquiries prior to purchase. If you hold any issues with the shipping portion of the shopping experience, please, contact the shipping provider to manage the issue in question. 

Paper Receipts

As a reduction studio, one of the efforts made with regards to our desire to decrease waste is the policy of not including a paper receipt inside of your parcel. Digital receipts are our friend. If you require a physical copy, we encourage you to print your digital receipt, but only if necessary. 

Ultrasuede Archive

Ultrasuede Archive is an industry facing rental house and is not open to the general public. If you are interested in becoming a client, email